Do you suffer from Sinus congestion or infections?

If you're like I used to be, then you do. And it can last weeks or more. And it drives you absolutely nuts.

SinusFreedom by BreatheEasy is the first Neti Pot formula that includes ingredients that attack the root cause of sinus infections and sinus congestion! Other neti pot formulas are simply variations in salt. They rinse out your sinuses like any liquid would... And that's it.


SinusFreedom includes ONLY ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS which directly act on the cause of congestion and on the microbes causing sinus infections, removing the microbe's protective layers so your body can get rid of them!


The good news is, we've created quite possibly the most revolutionary and successful sinus congestion and sinus infection treatment in decades - and now we bring it to you!


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It is all natural, containing nothing but herbs and plants that have been consumed for thousands of years, plus gentle Himalayan salt. It is prepared and used through a Neti Pot, and it goes straight to the root cause of nasal congestion and sinus infections! SinusFreedom may well be the first product that uses latest scientific research to ensure that the actual causes of persistent nasal congestion are addressed and eradicated, and that the root causes of sinus infections are actually treated. So much so that we are applying for a patent on our incredible mixture.

It's based on published, academic journal research conducted by the world's top universities.  Yet these ingredients have never before been used in sinus treatments or employed for their wonderful abilities to clear both common nasal congestion and those pesky sinus infections! Our proprietary, all natural formula uses ingenious advances in science related to sinus congestion and sinus infections to bring relief.

SinusFreedom is a Neti Pot solution, using a specific set of herbs and plant extract that recent university research has proven have very unique properties that attack the underlying causes of sinus congestion and sinus infections! The all natural solution contains only herbs and plant extract that have been consumed for thousands of years, as well as Himalayan salt. The solution is infused into water, a bit like tea, and used with a Neti Pot to rinse your sinuses. The ingredients attack the true causes of sinus congestion and sinus infection, removing irritation, reducing inflammation, and killing off the microbes that cause sinus infections. Then preventing them from coming back to continue the infection!


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I once spent over two months in college with  a sinus infection that would not go away. No matter what I did. I drove everyone around me nuts, constantly trying my best to cough as little as possible. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't breathe properly. It was an absolutely terrible experience.

And every year after that, I then had to cope with multiple sinus infections per year. If I got sick and didn't get a sinus infection, my sinuses still were congested so badly that I couldn't breathe or speak properly for two weeks just about every time.

Any of this sound familiar?

This led us down the path to creating SinusFreedom - the only high quality solution I have ever seen to ACTUALLY help you handle prolonged sinus congestion and even sinus infections. And we mentioned it's all natural, right?? Could you imagine not having another sinus infection force you to visit the doctor, pay a boat load of money, and then get stuck on antibiotics? That would be a dream for anyone even somewhat like me.


We're ready to start shipping now! This is a brand new product, launching here for the first time. But the first 25 orders at least will be fulfilled in roughly 2 weeks!  We should be able to continue fulfillment in 2-3 weeks for all orders after that!


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The Story of How we Created SinusFreedom-


With a Masters in Science from Stanford University, and having worked with novel technologies - including biotech devices - my entire adult life, we had one thing on our side... We knew how to do research.

Over the next ten years, we poured through scientific journal research and learned everything we could about sinus congestion and sinus infections. We tried EVERYTHING.

Eventually we learned that most of what we think about sinus congestion is wrong! Your sinuses are only partially blocked by obstructions. A lot of the congestion comes from inflammation which causes the sinus passage to close. The inflammation is caused by immune response and irritation in your sinuses. Your sinuses are largely swollen, not blocked! And it's your own immune system and irritants in your sinuses that are causing this.

Let's let the Mayo Clinic back us up here:

The issue with a sinus infection is twofold: 1)  The bacteria are not technically 'inside' your body, so they aren't exposed to the immune cells in your blood stream. Your sinuses are a passage 'through' your body, but are not considered internal in the same way your muscles would be. There's a barrier 'membrane' between the interior of the body and the sinus passage, to keep things in the air out. 2) The microbes causing the sinus infection cover themselves in 'biofilm' (mucus) which is not very soluble in water, protecting themselves further from your immune system!

This is why sinus infections can last weeks or months, and sometimes aren't fixed by antibiotics (if the antibiotics are primarily in your bloodstream, and the microbes are hiding from your bloodstream using biofilm and being positioned in your sinuses away from your bloodstream...). From there, what to do about sinus congestion and sinus infections wasn't so clear. How do you fix these problems?

We didn't make any headway for years... Until we heard a simple truth on a scientific documentary about bacteria that live in extreme conditions- 'They dry, they die', in other words if bacteria dry out, they die. Period. Some bacteria have means to keep themselves from drying out, but those generally live in the desert. If any bacteria dries out, it dies. Perhaps there was something there...

Eventually I found that if you can dry out your sinuses back to their natural state, you can get rid of the vast majority of sinus infections. If you think about it, when you're healthy your sinuses are fairly dry. When you're sick is the only time there is significant moisture in them...

So drying the sinuses back to their natural state is the solution! It's just extremely hard to do. I won't go into exactly how we first started doing it, as it wasn't easy, but we started curing our own sinus infections. Furthermore, by drying out the sinuses, we found that you removed most of the inflammation congestion as well! Now we just needed a more practical way to do it, so that ANYONE could benefit.


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I know what you're thinking, "Everyone says drink more water, use tons of nasal spray - 'nasal irrigation' - and that will work." Okay... So why do your sinus infections not go away in a day or two when you do that? And why are sinus infections estimated to cost $6 billion/year to the medical establishment in the U.S. alone?? Everyone follows that advice...

The fact is, by constantly rinsing the sinuses, you momentarily relieve the issues. But you ALSO generally encourage more mucus production. The microbes that cause sinus infections live off of the nutrients and moisture in that mucus. They irritate your sinuses, causing them to swell, which causes congestion. If you don't have a sinus infection, the runny nose itself causes its own irritation and keeps the sinuses swelled nearly shut.

That irritation also encourages further production of mucus. Unfortunately, the commonly recommended practices give temporary relief and then perpetuate the problem. Cold weather and other factors do so as well.

The only problem was, we had no practical way to counteract this. Years of research passed, we tried hundreds of possible solutions. Nothing worked in a way that was user friendly...

Until we found a piece of research on the extremely unique and very beneficial properties of a Northern African herb... This herb had a rare ability to cut through biofilms. That meant it could actually dissolve and clear mucus... Something that saline solutions do very, very poorly. Not only that, but this herb kills bacteria - in part by destroying the membranes of those microbes. An all natural herb that people have consumed for thousands of years was capable of both properly clearing out the sinuses, a task that just about nothing could do, AND it could the microbes causing the infection... Plus it was perfectly safe for consumption. This could be it!

And guess what? UC Berkeley also thinks dissolving biofilms is the key to sinus infections!:

We had figured out how to remove the source of the congestion itself! By cutting through and flushing out the mucus, you could remove irritants that otherwise were going nowhere. That would stop the production of mucus, remove the inflammation, and get rid of the congestion! From its root cause. It would also lead to the sinuses drying out, back to their normal state, which would kill the microbes causing any sinus infections as well. And the herb kicks in and helps kill the microbes, as well as preventing them from growing back!


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We only needed one more thing. A way to treat the inflammation in the short term to open up your sinuses and provide relief.

There are thousands of anti-inflammatories. But most of them are not natural. And almost all of them create burning sensations - NOT something you want to put in your sinuses (take it from me... Testing was nasty).

After quite a lot of additional research we identified a number of candidates. Fast forward through a long and not-particularly-fun period of testing all the candidates, and we finally found that one - just one - worked as a natural anti-inflammatory and also didn't cause any significant burning sensation. This mysterious plant from the rainforests of Asia was considered sacred by some in its traditional growth range. And now it was to us, as well!

The end product was beautiful! Prepared a bit like tea, mixed with cold water, and containing nothing but specific herbs that have been consumed by man for thousands of years, as well as a mixture of Himalayan salt... Using this solution once or twice a day for just a few days in Neti Pots proved effective at clearing our own sinus congestion and stopping our own sinus infections! And the effects of each ingredient is backed by deep scientific research.


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We had done it again! First we managed to bring one of the most successful and revolutionary migraine products in decades to the market - our BreatheEasy Migraine Device, which ran a very successful IndieGoGo project and delivered to all clients within a month. Since then we've had our clients for the migraine device sending glowing reports ever since- including a woman who managed to return to her nursing career thanks to the device.

Now we had created one of the most revolutionary treatments for sinus congestion and sinus infections released in recent history! We haven't had a sinus infection since. We haven't dealt with chronic congestion either!

The best part? We can easily and cheaply provide you with the same benefits!

And we're ready to ship the first orders! Order now and get it in 1-2 weeks!


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Allergy Info: If you have significant allergies to any herbs, or nut allergies, you may want to exercise caution or not use SinusFreedom. The processing plants for our herbs may expose the mixture to trace amounts of other herbs and potentially nuts. The only ingredients are natural herbs and Himalayan salt.

(Disclaimer: Of course a Neti Pot formula is not required to be certified by the FDA, and there's not enough money in a product like this to send it through hundreds of millions of dollars in FDA trials... But there IS substantial scientific research behind the effects of the ingredients - peer reviewed, conducted by universities, and published in journals. SinusFreedom is very effective at addressing the underlying causes of sinus congestion and sinus infections, and may treat both of these - but the FDA trials process is prohibitively expensive to have them certify the effects)