SinusFreedom – 6 months to a year supply – 40 Servings

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SinusFreedom is a vastly superior neti pot formula. In addition to the saline powder you would find in any other neti pot formula, SinusFreedom also has all natural plant-based anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and biofilm dissolving components.

Typical saline neti pot formulas cannot dissolve mucus, they can only try to rinse it away. This means most of it stays, continuing to irritate the sinus and harbor bacteria. SinusFreedom dissolves mucus, truly cleaning out the sinuses, while also getting to bacteria that cause sinus infections in the process – then killing them via the anti-bacterial components.

Finally, most sinus congestion is actually caused by inflammation – not by clogging of the sinuses. It took us quite some time, but we finally found an asian jungle plant which has been used for quite some time but is not common in the western world, and which is a gentle but effective anti-inflammatory.

This means SinusFreedom is a massive improvement in cleaning, clearing, disinfecting, and opening up your sinus passageways! Great for anyone with sinus congestion, sinus irritation, or sinus infections


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Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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