MissingLink critical vitamins mixture – 1 to 2 month supply (Tmp)

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For years we’ve looked through doctor recommendations and studies to see which supplements REALLY work, are recommended over and over by studies and doctors, and that we don’t typically get.

Then we’ve gone out and tested to see what actually makes a NOTICEABLE effect.

What we’ve found are these:

Magnesium – critical for sleep, muscle soreness/back pain, and many other bodily functions (just as with D3, few people get enough magnesium and don’t understand why they suffer pain or lack of sleep)

Anti-inflammatories – If you do enough research, inflammation is a major cause of just about every significant ailment you might want to get rid of. From pain to congestion to chronic disease and aging, inflammation is a nemesis to health. And few people get solid anti-inflammatories. We are still testing mixtures of ginger, green tea, and other anti-inflammatories. But our product will include the mixture we feel is most effective!

Inositol – A little known but highly studied and recommended supplement which is crucial to cellular function and therefore numerous areas of our health.

Obviously packing all of this into one product makes it a premium product… But scientists and doctors have agreed over and over that few people get enough of these crucial vitamins and oils in their diets.

There are many, many supplements, herbs, vitamins and other health boosters out there that people claim have great effects – but aren’t backed by significant science. As with everything we do, we picked only the items that were backed by at least three scientific studies each – and in most cases here were repeatedly recommended by doctors. As well as those things which we typically do not get enough of through other sources. So addressing longevity, energy, mental clarity, sleep quality, pain, and other factors boils down to these key supplements!

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