Worst Feeling

Can we Eliminate Colds and Flu?

Getting sick is absolutely miserable and it affects not only us, but everyone around us. It always seems to happen when we leave the airport on the vacation we've been dreaming of; or when a huge project is due at work; or when we need to be there for our family or children... The world has tried just about everything in pursuit of that question - can we stop getting sick?

The age old question to which the answer has always been no. Even with all of our modern technology, it still seems like something we'll just have to live with.

But after ten years of deep, difficult research and hundreds upon hundreds of failed tries, we may have finally changed that "no" to, "Well, it depends on what you mean exactly..."

Just imagine if you could find freedom from the misery and stress caused by colds and flus?

Let's start here:

-We're so confident in the product, we offer a money back guarantee so you can try it without risk!

We know you've been sold dozens and dozens of cold and flu products making crazy claims, so you're not going to just take the research and our word. You're inherently going to think it's impossible. It's true that it's impossible to make sure no one gets sick ever, but we're also extremely sure that it's very possible to do far, far better than products like Emergen-C. We're so confident that we'll give you your money back if you get sick in six months.

We're human beings that live on this planet too, so we've been sold just as much nonsense as you have. In fact, we spent a decade trying that nonsense and finding most of it did nothing.

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We decided to offer a guarantee because we realize if we don't show that we're actually quite serious and the science here is very real, you just won't be able to have enough trust to try NeverSick. Which would be quite sad, because it can really make a lot of people's lives a LOT easier.

-Take it at least twice a week, and as much as once a day. It's up to your preferences and how you feel best. We're so confident you won't get sick, we'll give you your money back if you do!*

-Take it two to three times a day if you start to feel sick. (Sore, unusually fatigued, anything in your throat, nose running, sneezing...)

-You mix it into a drink, just like popular Vitamin C boost products. Lemonade is the flavor we have right now - and the flavor comes from one of the most popular mix drink manufacturers

-It's backed by hard scientific research. We got here via ten years of digging through decades of university and NIH conducted research. Every ingredient has at least 5 independent studies showing efficacy in boosting the immune system and fighting various diseases. Some ingredients have also been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world

-It's all natural. Nothing but vitamins, herb/plant products that have been traditionally consumed for various reasons, and our secret and patent-pending probiotic which you have almost certainly consumed before - but which has also never been used in a health-focused product. The probiotic is the 'secret ingredient' that rounds out the mixture and makes it far better than any alternative we've ever seen.

-It BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM across all necessary categories. It turns out our immune system has 4-5 different 'areas' that it needs boosted in order to perform at its highest. Existing products (Like Emergen-C and Zicam) at best boost 1-2 of those categories and not all of them. This is the first product that strategically boosts all necessary categories, giving the dramatic increase in effectiveness among those we've tried it with

-It starts with the key ingredients from Emergen-C and Zicam. Then we add additional proprietary vitamins, herbal/plant-based ingredients, and our key probiotic. All of which have at least five independent studies supporting their activity with the immune system, and which rose to the top out of hundreds of ingredients as those that actually created significant impact.

-Myself, our team, our friends, and our families who have been using the product have not been sick in over 5 years. Everyone is biologically different, and since we're boosting your innate immune system, that doesn't mean that any one individual will have the same experience. But between the piles of scientific studies on each ingredient, the hundreds of combinations we've tried before finding this one, and the fantastic results for those we've tried it with... We'd say it makes good sense to say many of you will be very, very happy

-It's down to hard work, other people's scientific research, and a bit of luck. Our process is very good and so is our ability to innovate and test. Trying hundreds of combinations that didn't do anything helps a lot as well... And so does  the great research of those that initially did structured, scientific, peer reviewed academic research on these ingredients individually.  There's also a lot of luck - if you saw how miserably our equally numerous attempts to run with various combinations of hair growth research have failed, you would understand that we're not here by accident. It just happens that among a ton of research and testing, this worked while other things have not (at all). We've found three products so far that have worked, and dozens that have gone nowhere at all... That's science.

One order is a two month supply (depending on how many days a week you take it).

If you don't like it, we'll give you your money back! That's how confident we are in our results!


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It should be there within 7-9 days!


Ingredient List:

-Vitamin C

-Vitamin B complex


-Proprietary herbal blend

-Proprietary probiotic blend

If you've ever eaten any form of spiced food or store-bought spices, you've had proprietary herbal blends before. Just like those restaurants or spice makers don't disclose their blend, we can't disclose our hard work either.

Those are the active ingredients. These are the ingredients from the delicious lemonade flavoring-

Sugar, fructose, citric acid, all natural flavor, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, sodium citrate. Contains: Soy.

Gluten free. 60 calories/serving.


If NeverSick is so good, why are we here and not in stores around the world? Well, humans are naturally attracted to brands they have grown accustomed to over time. We have scientific research and customer experience, but we have to build up a brand. That takes years and tens of millions of dollars. With any luck, in 5 years we will be on store shelves near you! But before that, you can be ahead of the curve and live healthier than everyone who won't buy anything unless there's a brand name attached!


Everything in Our Immune System Happens on the Molecular Level

Because of this, boosting the immune system and helping it function nearly flawlessly requires getting it the right molecules. Just like your car engine needs oil, gas/diesel, and radiator fluid, our immune systems need a number of different molecules to function properly. Providing the correct package of molecules changes everything. That's why a dietary supplement can actually make all the difference in the world. Equip your immune system to fight at its absolute maximum, and what it is capable of doing is simply stunning.

Below is a small bit of the research on Vitamin C and Zinc alone, two ingredients we're not as concerned with keeping proprietary. There are many, many times as much research just on these two vitamins alone. Because of the Vitamin C and Zinc content, you are getting everything you would get in Emergen-C AND Zicam, so the very worst results you would have with NeverSick would be equivalent to taking both of these. Not to mention it's far cheaper than buying a 3 months supply of these two products.


How did we get here?

Our immune systems are designed to work so well under certain circumstances that it continues to regularly surprise scientists to this day. Yet we're also increasingly finding that anything from stress to lack of sleep to diet and many more factors are constantly causing or immune systems to run in states that are far from optimal. And in some situations, even causing our body to 'shut down' certain aspects of our immune system to deal with other situations that cause more immediate issues.

Products like Emergen-C and Zicam are already out there effectively supporting immune systems and creating big differences in the length, severity, and even onset of colds. But they're using nothing but three or so vitamins that we've been familiar with since the 50s... Surely it's possible to do a lot better than that.


Anyone who is familiar with science or research is aware that promising studies often don't lead anywhere at all. The common misconception is that if a study shows a technology, treatment or anything else might work, that soon the world will know and it will change everything.

The reality is almost the opposite. So many studies show some level of promise, and so few of the researchers know how to take that further and bring a good solution to market, that most studies wind up going nowhere. If you add to that the fact that natural-based treatments are nowhere near valuable enough to justify the investment you see with drugs, the result is piles of great research that no one benefits from.

What we do is pour through this research, doing further testing, and asking if there are avenues that haven't yet been explored. Ways forward that have been opened up by that research, but then not truly explored.

It took a crazy ten years of digging through this research and then testing various combinations, putting together the bigger puzzle implied by all the preliminary research. Hundreds of things that had promise in the early research turned out to have no effect.


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But it turns out there are a handful of ingredients that are all natural - vitamins, herbs, plant-based, and probiotics - that appear with positive results for immune boosting repeatedly in research.

And with the right combination of those ingredients... You bolster the different aspects of the immune system until it runs on a level that few of us experience on a regular basis.

Since our formula is proprietary (aside from the vitamin C ), let's give you a for instance: One of the commonly discussed natural treatments for cold and flu is echinacea. Among hundreds of others, we found no benefits to echinacea in our testing. That doesn't mean there isn't any, but didn't find benefit. On the flip side, we did find significant benefits (and many supporting studies) for garlic. We haven't included garlic in NeverSick because of the negative affects on bad breath - but if you take NeverSick with garlic pills or fresh garlic, it will have a positive effect in most people. Scientifically backed, proven in our testing as well. NeverSick contains a handful of ingredients like garlic - with heaps of scientific research supporting their benefits, years of traditional medicinal uses, and unlike hundreds of 'wives tale' ingredients, repeated positive testing in our experiences.

To be perfectly honest, we didn't think we would ever arrive at a solution that worked particularly well. But we tried anyway. Instead, we've been blown away by just how well it turned out to work. If we're being honest, it was equal parts great research, hard work and a solid process, and plain old luck that the research out there contained these hidden gems that hadn't been appropriately used together. And so we can't wait to share it with you!  Ultimately, there's no price you can put on freedom and being able to move on from day to day worries like getting sick at the worst possible times...

We thought that was pretty cool - but the actual power of NeverSick has continued to surprise us over and over for years now. We didn't think that we could have created something THAT good. Our patent pending, proprietary formula might change the way millions live, and make getting sick a thing of the past for many of you.

But it's very difficult to get the word out for a product like this. Which is why we're here. We want you to stop getting sick, and we need you to help us launch something that could dramatically improve the experience of millions in their day-to-day lives!

What do you say? Can we make this happen together?


The fact is, spending under thirty dollars for the possibility that you, too, might not get sick any time in the NEXT FIVE YEARS is an easy bet.

But we'll even give you your money back any time in the next six months if you don't like it! If you get sick while taking it and following instructions, we'll just give you back your money. That's how confident we are.

So there is no risk to try it. Worst case scenario, NeverSick has the same base ingredients as Emergen-C, so you'll spend thirty dollars getting a 3 month supply of something at least as good as Emergen-C. No big deal.

But if it works as well for you as for us, you might not have to worry about getting sick again!

With costs, advertising costs, platform fees and everything else we won't make any money at all on your first order - so we only succeed if you're so happy that you keep coming back! And we know that will be the case. Thank you so much for your support!


Disclaimers: Dietary supplement. Do not take if you have allergies to herbal ingredients, ingredients are proprietary herbs/plant-based ingredients, vitamins, and probiotics. Nothing here is medical advice, if necessary consult a doctor. No medical claims are made here, studies have been performed on individual ingredients, FDA studies to make medical claims require hundreds of millions or billions in funding. We're so confident that if you get sick within the first six months we'll refund your money for your first order only minus shipping and taxes.


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If you want to claim your refund because you don't feel like you got sick less often or NeverSick outperformed Emergen-C and other products, click here!: Claiming Guarantee Refund for NeverSick